So how does the Miss Mason Area Pageant Referral Program work???? How can I enter for free????


The fee to participate is $50 for each contestant but you can earn all of that back with the referral program. So every boy or girl that signs up under your contestant you get $10 back up to 5 referrals.

(Please note: there are no sibling discounts because we keep the cost so low to enter).


June 8th is contestant pictures and interviews for all the Miss Mason Are Contestants Tot through MS. Divisions and all Remarkably Beautiful Contestants. Referral money💰 is handed out at check in for interviews/photos.


Example: If you get 2 referrals we give you $20 back and so on❤️❤️❤️but we only go up to 5 referrals for that free entry! We made it to where it’s a WIN-WIN for our program and for you the contestant!


The Miss Mason Area Pageant Organization is a 4 tiered system:

Scholarship, Mentorship, Remarkably Beautiful and our Baby Girl & Prince Charming Programs. 

We meet the needs of all those that want to participate! Our pageants are "only" for residents of Mason County, WA.

We are a NATURAL PAGEANT ONLY! Our primary focus is on community service and mentoring young ladies.  We focus on giving back to our communities and people that live right here in Mason County.

Our motto is: "SERVE * LEAD * INSPIRE!"

Our winners receive the royal treatment such as: parades, community service projects,  professional photo shoots, group activities such as going to the pumpkin patch and our very own Christmas party! There is NO experience is necessary! Ask some of our royalty that have won on their first try!

Please join us this year and check out our website for more information!