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Interviews are on JUNE 27th starting time is 10 am and will end at 3 pm located at the PUD 3 conference rooms.  Contestants will wait in the Johns Prairie Room and judges will be in the Skookum Room, there are NO parents allowed in the interview room unless cleared by one of the directors before hand.  There has to be a valid reason such as a medical condition for a parent to be in the interview and cleared by a director only. 


Contestants competing in the Miss Remarkably Beautiful Pageant will NOT interview. 


Only Remarkably Beautiful Contestants will have photos taken. 


 Interviews are the most exciting part of a pageant, but why you ask?  Because the judges really get a chance to get to know each contestant.  Questions that are asked during the interview are not going to involve religion or politics.  There are age appropriate questions that are fun and easy to answer, we want this to be a positive experience for every contestant.  Example question: If I gave you $1000 what would you spend it on and why? Pretty easy to answer, right?
  • So what do I wear to the interview?  All Contestants will interview in the official t-shirt and a pair of jeans or jean shorts. 
  • What do I wear to the photo shoot?  A shirt/blouse of your choice and a pair of jeans or jean shorts.  The photo is taken from the waist up only.  All contestants should have age appropriate makeup on and have their hair done before arrival.  Pictures are done first before interviews, please come on time at the time you selected at sign ups






There are 7 optional' s awarded before crowning.  These are custom trophies and are given to every age division.  We do have the right to combine age divisions if there are 3 or less in a group.


The People's Choice Award, Photogenic, Prettiest Smile, Prettiest Eyes, Prettiest Hair, Best Theme Wear/Best Introduction, and Best Personality/Best Interview.







Contestants "DO NOT" provide their own photo!  We want all the contestants to have the same quality photos and this way there is no misinterpretation on how the photos should be taken.  The Miss Mason Area Pageant has an official photographer, Feather Meredith & Jeannie Scanlon.  These two ladies are artistic photographers that not only do digital photography but also "old school" film photography, so stop by their studio on 3rd St off Railroad Ave in Shelton Washington or visit their website at www.featherphotography.com

All photos will be taken JUNE 8, 2019 at the Shelton PUD3 on 2621 Johns Prairie Rd.  Only registered contestants will get their picture made.  Pictures will be given back to the contestants on the day of the pageant.  Contestants are encouraged to wear WHATEVER makes them feel the most comfortable and all headshots are indoors. All pictures are property of Miss Mason Area Scholarship & Mentorship Pageant and can be used for promoting our program.